Medical business digital promotion: features and tips

Medical business digital promotion: features and tips

04 January 2020 /

Promoting the services of a private clinic or doctor, you first need to be armed with knowledge of the laws of your country / region. Google strictly adheres to all the requirements of the state, and you will not be able to play with it as you want.

You can’t list all the bans reasons even here – you can quickly catch the block your Ads account. We recommend to read attentively Google Help – you should look there and only there, as the rules are often changed or incorrectly interpreted by different advertisers. It lists all topics that are banned.

How can I circumvent the ban?

Of course you can. By no means do we support the violation of the law, and we don’t call to do it. But in general, here are some examples used in the following cases:

  • Prelandings;
  • SEO;
  • Hiding some content on the site during moderation;
  • Cloaca;
  • Replacement of the page while it moderating;
  • Purchased Google Accounts.

If your services are not banned, it does not mean that you will not have to sweat. Medicine is a specific niche, especially in Ukraine.

Some useful tips:

— Don’t start by promoting all services at once – focus on your priority categories. This will make the budget more controlled and the result more predictable.

— If you have just opened – advertise at first only services that have a low cost per lead, but allow you to do cross-selling. For example, promote ultrasonography and sell the consultation of specialists, or vice versa.

— Carefully prepare your landing pages. Make sure there are no forbidden words, they are relevant to the services you promote (if it’s a consultation page, don’t talk about ultrasound there), and meet Google’s technical requirements (download speed, adaptability, SSL, etc.)

— Use your doctors’ reputation & recognition. Almost every clinic has a doctor who is known to almost all residents of the district. Include his initials in your ads, add his face to your media.

Based on materials of the author’s blog of Yevhen Butin