Local business promotion: offline or digital?

Local business promotion: offline or digital?

02 February 2020 /

Many of our projects are closely or directly related to local business. So we want to share some chips that will help you attract customers if you are a local brand. A lot is written on the Internet on this topic, I will tell only about what I had personal experience.

Clearly identify the areas you plan to work with. Experience shows that often not all districts (cities or regions) are equally important for a local. Conduct a qualitative analysis and do not spend resources on areas where there are few or no customers.

Google My Business is your best friend. Add your company to all possible directories presented in your region (Foursquare, Zoon, TripAdvisor, etc.).

Work on ratings and reviews – this is extremely important. Try to keep the score as high as possible, but not less than your competitors. Be sure (!) To respond to negative reviews, if possible – to all.

Create pages of your company in social networks. Design high-quality profiles and work with them as actively as possible. Make an interesting content plan and publish posts REGULARLY. To speed up the effect, run targeted advertising.

Make sure your customers can find you by keywords they understand (not you!). Serpstat and Google Ads help you. If there is no site / landing page – you can run ads on the first page on Facebook. If so – also connect SEO.

— Collaborate with local media. Carefully monitor the activity of various media in your region, and choose only the leaders (in the Dnieper and the region, for example, the most powerful shoots Informant). This will strengthen the brand’s position in the region and increase visibility.

— Consider local features. Language, holiday events, location, transport. Take a high-quality and clear photo of the facade / sign, so that the client can find you quickly. Add a map, especially if your company is not on the red line.

— Make a valuable loyalty program. Emphasis is a real value for the client. If your product costs USD 100, then with a 5% discount you will only devalue such a program as the brand as a whole. Try to give MORE than the customer expects.

— Various partners and collaborators work very well in the local business. Find businesses that your audience intersects with and create mutually beneficial conditions for both parties.

— We live in an era of a huge boom in social networks, where influencers have a huge impact on different groups of people. Choose the ones that are popular with your CA and invite them to try your product. If the product is really cool, they will definitely tell their subscribers about it. Even without any money.

— Almost every business working with B2C (especially services) is faced with the fact that customers are constantly asking the same questions. When there are many appeals, it becomes difficult to respond to each in time – because the client will not wait. As a result, with scaling, the business loses not only customers but also reputation. Create your own chatbot that will answer your customers’ questions around the clock.

So you can:

  • Save on additional costs (operator’s salary or call center services)
  • Always stay in touch with your customer and answer their questions in a flash
  • Interact with customers (conduct surveys, launch and improve loyalty programs)
  • Increase customer loyalty to the company, make interaction with it more convenient and pleasant (for example, the same location in Telegram, clicking on which, you can immediately pave the route to your company, in two clicks – isn’t it cool?)
  • Collect and process statistics (what and how often customers ask, which branches turn to more often, which promotions respond best, etc.)

Finally. Remember that digital has become an integral part of our lives, but there is also the real world. Your customers also walk the streets, have ears and eyes. Combine, sync, combine your online with offline. Outdoor advertising / radio / newspapers – EVERYTHING works if you use these tools correctly..

And remember: you need to be a loyal friend to your client, who is always there when needed, and not an intrusive suitor who constantly strives to gain attention.

Based on materials of the author’s blog of Yevhen Butin