How to get $10,000 per month from Google?

How to get $10,000 per month from Google?

28 November 2020 /

A pleasant surprise for us and our customers was the money that Google issued in June 2020 as a one-time assistance to small and medium business advertising accounts.

It was possible to spend these funds only on clicks, and the amount itself (about $3040) is relatively small, but the fact is that they came automatically at the initiative of Google (albeit selectively). Be that as it may, it has eased the burden on the advertising budget.

It’s no secret that Google is quite active in philanthropy. Only the Google Foundation, established in 2005, annually allocates about $ 100 million in investments and grants to nonprofits.

Google Ads has its own, separate area of charity: unknown to almost anyone in our country Google Ad Grants. We will tell you more about the grant program, because we have been working with it for 2 years.

Therefore, Google Grants allow you to receive up to $ 10,000 / month for advertising on Google. The program operates in only 50 countries (no, unfortunately, Ukraine is not on the list) and only non-profit organizations can participate in it. However, since 2003, more than 100,000 non-profits have joined the program worldwide.

There are many conditions for participation. Here are just the major:

  • The maximum CPC is limited to $2
  • Only impressions in Google search results
  • Text ads only
  • The total CTR should not fall below 5% for last two months
  • Conversion tracking must be set on

Also, your company should not be:

  • Government agency
  • Healthcare organization
  • Educational institution (there is a separate program for schools)

In practice, we can say that maintaining an account in accordance with all the requirements is a rather difficult task. Most are “punished” for:

  • Low CTR
  • Low keyword performance
  • Discrepancy of documents
  • Late submission of documents (inspections take place regularly)
  • Landing page mismatch (e.g. no fund credentials)

But nothing is impossible. Iron endurance, deep knowledge of the rules and understanding of all the principles of search advertising to help you.

Based on materials of the author’s blog of Yevhen Butin