VALEO Diagnostics

/ Description

Medical Center

/ Goals
  • Audit existing Google Ads campaigns
  • Increase the number of signed declarations within of the state program for the reform of medicine using the Internet
  • Increase the number of consultations to specialists
  • Increase the number of appointments for ultrasonography
/ Decision
Search Network




/ Results
  • Average bounce rate dropped by 10%
  • Set up Call Tracking and the ability to track call statistics
  • Average CTR 14%
  • Average cost per click $0,08
  • Average lead price $1,78
  • We launched complex areas of consultations of narrow specialists
Search Engine Optimization
  • Increase of 40% of applications for ultrasonography in a month
  • One of the first medical centres in the region that launched online consultations during quarantine in 2020
  • Maintaining all the achieved indicators during the cooperation
  • 2nd place in the region in terms of the number of declarations signed with a primary care physician after a year of cooperation (as of 01.11.2019) – according to open data from the NHSU